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Craft – Lesson 3PDFLogoCraft-Lesson#3

Jesus, the perfect man, became our Sacrificial Lamb by dying on a cross to pay the penalty for our sins.


  • 70 Glow in the dark fuse/perler beads per student (Wal-Mart or Wal-Mart online has these available)Craft3
  • Cross-shape fuse bead boards (These can be ordered by the dozen at OrientalTrading.com)
  • One small metal ring to hold necklace floss for each necklace (Jump Rings work well. These can be bought at a craft supply store).
  • Several colors of thick floss or thread for necklace string (also bought at craft supply store).
  • Wax paper
  • Several irons (FOR ADULT USE ONLY)
  • Card stock paper


  1. Print craft page for lesson 3 on card stock. (pg. 69 or click here) Cut each page into quarters. (This page will have each student’s name so crosses can be properly identified later, and will be used to more easily transport student’s pre-fused cross to the ironing board)
  2. Before students come in, set out bowls of beads in the middle of the tables and place a “Cross Craft” page and cross fuse bead board at every seat.
  3. Have students write their name in top right corner of the “Cross Craft” page.
  4. Let students place cross in the center of their page and begin beading their board.
  5. Once the fuse board is beaded, have a helper take it to the ironing board for beads to be fused. (The more irons you have going, the faster this process will be.) Never let student’s iron their own necklaces as this can result in serious burns.
  6. While students are waiting for their cross to finish, allow them to pick a string for their necklace.
  7. After fusing beads, place metal ring in top of cross and thread with necklace string. Depending on how much time you have, students may need to leave their necklace until the closing assembly or end of the day.

© 2013 Joel Walters

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