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Game – Lesson 3PDFLogo

In this game, the students will be dragging a heavy, but safe, object. Once they complete a lap, they will pass their burden onto the next teammate in line. The team that finishes their laps first, wins. Remind the students that Jesus sacrificed Himself to bear the burden of our sins upon the cross.


  1. Set a running course with a start line that will accommodate several teams. It is best if your course circles back to the start line instead of having a turn-around at one end, but either way will work.
  2. Get a bed sheet for each team (this should be a sheet you won’t want to use again).
  3. Place a heavy object or sand/dirt on one end of the sheet (for the older group of students, this should be heavy enough to make it quite difficult for the students to drag. For the younger students, it should be just heavy enough for them to feel that their pulling something, but light enough that it doesn’t hinder their running/walking).


    1. Divide the students into even teams and assign them a place in the starting line.
    2. When the whistle blows, the first student from each team is to pull their sheet to the end of the course and pass it on to the second student on their team. The race continues until every player on one team has run the course, pulling their sheet. (Do NOT allow the students to attempt to carry the burden.)

*NOTE: If any of the players on a team cannot drag the weight of the sheet, one of their teammates may help pull with them. In this case, the helping player must still take his/her own turn

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