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Craft – Lesson 4PDFLogoCraft-Lesson#4



  • 2 sheets of 8.5″ x 11” Card stock (per student)
  • “He Is Risen” page (pg. 72 or click here)
  • Brass fastener (to roll the “stone” away)Craft4
  • Glue
  • Small, dessert size paper plates
  • Crayons or markers
  • Scissors (for older students)
  • Cream-color or white cloth
  • Single hole-punching tool (optional)


  1. Print “He Is Risen” banner from Lesson 4 onto white card stock.
  2. For younger children, pre-cut printed banner. Older students should be capable of cutting out their own banner. (Very careful supervision should be administered to older students that are using scissors. Failure to use scissors with care can result in serious injury.)
  3. Give each student 1 sheet of card stock, 1 banner, 1 brass fastener and 1 paper plate.
  4. Write name on the back of card stock.
  5. Have students color paper plate so that it looks like a large stone. When finished, punch the brass fastener into the right-hand edge of the plate and into the card stock so that the plate is centered on the page. The plate (which is the stone sealing the tomb) is now in the “sealed position”. When rolled OVER to the other side of the fastener, it is in the “rolled away position.”)
  6. Leave the plate in the “sealed” position and have the students draw the outline of a tomb around it. Then, roll away the stone and draw an opening into the empty tomb (The opening should be drawn small enough to be hidden when the stone is in the “sealed position.”)
  7. Glue a small strip of cloth inside the tomb. These are the grave clothes Jesus left behind.
  8. Finish coloring the tomb and grass around it.
  9. Cut out and color “He Is Risen” banner.
  10. Glue banner above tomb.
  11. Finish by coloring the sky.

© 2013 Joel Walters


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