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Game – Lesson 4PDFLogo

This game serves to remind students that Jesus was buried and rose again. As the leader, you will need a little prep time to make the game die and read over the resurrection account.

SET UP:Game4-2

  • Make the game die:
  • – Print the “Thursday-Sunday dice” for lesson 4 (pg. 73 or click here)
  • Cut out pieces and tape or glue them to the sides of a small, unopened tissue box.
  • Lay out 10’-20’ of rope to form a large circle.
  • Rehearse the story of Jesus resurrection.


  1. Holding the die, tell the students of Jesus’ burial in resurrection, stressing that He was dead 3 days and 3 nights; buried on Thursday, risen on Sunday. As you tell the story, let the students see that the die has 3 a “THURSDAY/buried” sides, and 3 “SUNDAY/risen” sides.
  2. Instruct everyone to grab the rope and stand in a circle.
  3. As the students hold the rope, explain, “The rope you are holding represents the tomb in which Jesus was buried. I’m going to roll the die, but before I do, you must decide if you think it will land on THURSDAY or SUNDAY. If you think it will land on THURSDAY, get inside the tomb (inside the rope circle) because Jesus was buried on Thursday. If you think it will land on SUNDAY, stand outside the tomb. Whoever is on the correct side of the circle when the die is rolled, stays in the game. Whoever is on the wrong side is out until the next round.”
  4. Give the students a little time to decide whether to be buried or risen. (OPTIONAL: play a short segment of a VBS song while students decide, letting them know that when the music stops, wherever you are is where you stay.)
  5. Roll die and sort out who stays in the round and who is out.
  6. Continue instructions 3 & 4 until only one student remains. This student is the winner of the round.
  7. A variation that may speed up each round is to roll only 3 times. Whoever is still in the game after 3 rolls, wins.

© 2013 Joel Walters

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