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Craft – Lesson 1PDFLogoCraft-Lesson#1

Sin is the transgression of the law. To sin is to disobey God. Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden when they ate the forbidden fruit. We disobey God when we break His commands. This craft is intended to show the children their own sin and their own need for the Savior.


  • “Guilty Hands” page (pg. 52 or click here)
  • “Ten Commandments” page (pg. 53 or click here)
  • Crayons
  • Glue
  • Card Stock paper for printing


  1. Print craft pages for Lesson 1.
  2. Guilty Hands (best to use card stock)
  3. Ten Commandment Cut-outs.
  4. Have students write their name in top right corner of the “Guilty Hands” page.
  5. Have students trace both hands on the page and then fill them in with color.
  6. Next, students should take the “Ten Commandments” cut-outs and glue each one above a finger. (The Ten Commandments should already be cut out for younger students and very careful supervision should be administered to older students that are using scissors. Failure to use scissors with care can result in serious injury.)


© 2013 Joel Walters

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