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Kid's Bible Resources | The JESUS Film


The JESUS Film is a wonderful portrayal of Jesus the Savior! We have attached links to clips from the JESUS Film that correspond with each lesson. Incorporate these into your VBS as you desire.

Lesson 1 - Video

The Beginning - CLICK HERE

The Birth Of Jesus- CLICK HERE

Lesson 2 - Video

The Devil Tempts Jesus - CLICK HERE

Lesson 3 - Video

Jesus Is Crucified - CLICK HERE

Soldiers Gamble for Jesus' Clothes - CLICK HERE

Sign on the Cross: King of the Jews - CLICK HERE

Crucified Convicts Lost and Saved - CLICK HERE

Death of Jesus - CLICK HERE

Lesson 4 - Video

Joseph of Arimathea and the Burial of Jesus - CLICK HERE

Angels at the Tomb - CLICK HERE

Tomb of Jesus is Empty - CLICK HERE

Resurrected Jesus Appears to His Disciples - CLICK HERE

Lesson 5 - Video

Jesus Gives Great Commission and Ascends to Heaven- CLICK HERE

Invitation to Personally Know Jesus - CLICK HERE