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Kid's Bible Resources | Getting Started

This is a Vacation Bible School curriculum

designed to teach children about mankind’s need for salvation and God’s great Savior. Jesus is the Savior who came from heaven to earth to save us from our sin and its terrible effects.  In this curriculum, the Bible remains the center of Vacation BIBLE School, as we point children to Jesus.

Each day there is an exciting lesson with a new song, Bible story, memory verse, snack, game, and craft that are all designed to reinforce that day’s message. This curriculum is designed to be simple, yet complete. It will take you step by step through each lesson, while it also provides instruction, printable materials, and all the media resources necessary for running a successful VBS.

At KidsBibleResources.com you will find:

  • This entire curriculum in .pdf form
  • Promotional Flyers and Posters
  • Keynote and PowerPoint files
  • VBS Videos (Bible stories & “What Is A Savior?”)
  • Instructional videos for song hand motions, crafts, snacks

… and much more!


Let’s get started!PDFLogo

Your daily VBS program should consist of 5 main elements and should last approximately 3 hours.

  1. Opening Assembly
  2. Snack
  3. Craft
  4. Game
  5. Closing Assembly

Daily Structure:



Opening Assembly: (45-60 min.)TeachingPic

  • Your opening assembly will include all of the children and should always begin with a greeting and prayer.
    Sing the theme song (“Hallelujah What A Savior”).
  • The first two or three days, play the “What Is A Savior?” video.
  • On day 2-5 review previous lessons, Bible verses, and songs. *
  • Go over current day’s lesson phrase, memory verse and song. The daily songs help to reinforce the memory verse and can be sung multiple times in the opening assembly.
  • The Bible story does not have to be long. KEEP IT SIMPLE, AND DRIVE HOME THE LESSON. (You can use the story cards, purchase the Storybook, or play the video Bible story from our website.)


Snack – Craft – Game: (20 min. each station)StationRotation

  • After your opening assembly, the children can be dismissed into their groups and then rotated through each station. Remember to use each snack, craft and game to drive home the current day’s lesson.

(It is helpful to put participants together according to their grade [i.e., pre-school – kindergarten; 1st through 5th; 6th – 7th OR pre-school – 2nd; 3rd – 4th; 5th -7th]. Keeping group size to about 20 students will allow one adult leader to guide their group from one station to another in a safe and orderly fashion.)


Closing Assembly: (30 min.)

  • Your closing assembly will include all of the children and is ALL ABOUT REVIEW.
  • Sing the current day’s song.
  • Review current day’s lesson and memory verse.
  • If there is time, you can again review previous lessons, memory verses and songs.
  • Sing theme song.
  • Pray and dismiss.

(As the week progresses, the review time will naturally last longer as you have more material to review.)


Things To Consider:


Jesus said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.” Our prayer should be:

“Father… Thy kingdom come within the hearts of each and every child that comes to VBS this year. Thy will be done in all that we say and do. May the lessons, songs, crafts, snacks, and games be what You desire and may they be used to point everyone involved to You. Dear Lord, take our humble efforts and use them to produce great and lasting spiritual fruit. May Your wonderful work of salvation be known within the hearts and minds of every home represented at our VBS. Save the lost and strengthen the saved. We can do nothing of eternal value apart from You. We can not change hearts, but You can. Please help us and receive all our labor as an act of worship and service to You. We love You and we thank You for demonstrating Your great love for us through Jesus. In Jesus’ name, AMEN.”

  • PRAY for each team member.
  • PRAY for each student by name. (You may want to make a student prayer list and divide it among your team members.)
  • PRAY for the family of each student.
  • PRAY for safety throughout the week.
  • PRAY for lasting spiritual fruit.
  • PRAY for the lost to be saved.
  • PRAY that God would be glorified and honored in all things.

Assembling a Team


You need to assemble a team of helpers in order to run your VBS. Every situation is different and the needs are different. You may have a small group of students and only two team members to help. You may have a large group of students and twenty team members to help. Assess your situation and make adjustments accordingly. The personnel needs are listed below. It is great if you have enough team members to assign individual positions, but this is not necessary. If you only have a few team members, assign multiple tasks to each member and work together.

Main Assembly Leader and Bible Story Teacher
This person will open and close each day with prayer. They will teach and review the lessons and memory verses, and teach the Bible story. (We suggest that this   be the same person in order to maintain continuity of the message.)

Song Leader
The song leader does not have to be a musician. They will need to be able to teach and lead the children in the hand motions to each song. Songs can be downloaded from iTunes or you can order a CD from the “music” tab of this website. (Video instructions for the hand motions can also be found on the music tab)

Station Leaders
There will be three stations each day; snack, craft and game. Each station should have a leader that is in charge of both the preparation and oversight of that station each day.

Group Leaders
The students will be divided up into groups and each group will have a leader. From morning check-in, to the opening and closing assembly, to rotating their group from one station to the next, the Group Leader’s assignment is to provide oversight and help to the students. They will remain with their group the entire day.Teenagers

Audio/Video Technician
This person will responsible for set-up and operation of all the audio and video equipment for the daily songs, videos, and PowerPoint projects.

There is always a need for additional helpers that can assist in any way possible. (i.e., station assistance, group assistance, etc.)

Print Resources

  • This is designed to be an all-inclusive curriculum (story aids, craft pages, coloring pages, etc.). All of the Bible story, snack, craft, and  game printouts can be found on this website under the lesson tab. A coloring page for each lesson can be found in the daily Bible Story web-page.


  • Pre-registration should begin at least one month prior to your VBS. You will also need to be prepared to register students that show up the day of, and for new students that may join as the week progresses. For promotional flyers and posters, visit the “extras” tab of this website.
  • Basic registration forms are included under the extras tab. These forms are designed to:
    1. Give you parental contact information of the participants before, during and after VBS.
    2. Help you know approximately how many students to expect.
    3. Let you know about any allergies students may have.
    4. Give you names of students so that you and and the team can lift them up in prayer.
  • Be sure to have all participants fill out any Medical Release Forms and/or any other legal document required by your church or group.


© 2013 Joel Walters