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Kid's Bible Resources | Lesson 1

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Each Lesson has 5 main elements: Bible Story, Music, Snack, Craft, and Game. Click on each element below to learn more.

Bible Story

JESUS IS THE SAVIOR WHOSE BIRTH WAS ANNOUNCED: From the Garden of Eden to the time of Jesus’ birth, God announced where and to whom the Savior would come.

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"Hallelujah What A Savior” (theme song) “Call His Name Jesus” (Matthew 1:21)

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SUGAR COOKIE ANGELS & BUGLES: This snack is intended to help the students remember that an angel announced Jesus’ coming birth to Joseph and Mary. (Also, bugles or trumpets were used to announce important events.)

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GUILTY HANDS - TEN COMMANDMENTS: Sin is the transgression of the law. To sin is to disobey God. Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden when they ate the forbidden fruit. We disobey God when we break His commands. This craft is intended to show the children their own sin and their personal need for a savior.

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GET THE MESSAGE: In this game, the students will be running from their team to their leader to get part of a special message to bring back to their team. The first team to collect the entire message and chorally shout the entire message wins the round. (Game leader will ensure that the message shouted is accurate.) After the game ends, remind the students that God gave His special message that He was sending a savior to many people throughout history.

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